About Us

Casaletti S.r.l. was established in 1979 by Aldo Casaletti, an expert in the field of ice cream shop refrigeration and furnishing, in partnership with a number of Venetian ice cream makers based in Germany.

In fact the company does almost all of its business in Germany and other European countries. After the untimely passing of its founding shareholder in 1988, leadership of the company was entrusted to architect Mr. Claudio Faccini.

Casaletti is a classic "Made in Italy" company specialising in the custom design and outfitting of public and commercial premises, particularly ice cream shops, restaurants, pizzerias, pubs, wine bars, lounge bars, bakeries and cafes.

From the outset the company has served those who require a professional consultancy to help them maximise the aesthetic and functional potential of their premises.

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