Our Services

Casaletti provides its clients with a wide array of expertise divided into the following stages:


We carry out an initial evaluation of the target location in terms of the distribution of spaces, above all trying to gain an understanding of the setting in respect to its intended business purpose. Good design of sales spaces is an essential starting point that allows us to provide clients with personalised solutions and even a turnkey package.

Our experienced and qualified staff accompanies the client throughout every stage of the project, offering professional advice in line with changing design trends. Giving clear value for money is a key priority, but is only the starting point. A good project must be accompanied by good execution, which means not only using good production material, but also a combination of selecting the most suitable raw materials, a knack for combining them and punctuality in delivering them.


Steel and wood processing and lastly painting are carried out entirely in our factory. This means that we can oversee and control all of the different processing stages, ensuring high quality standards as regards both materials and the processes themselves.

Installation and Support

The assembly and installation stages are carried out by reputable and specialised companies under the constant guidance of our staff. Casaletti is always on hand to provide the client with ongoing support, resolving any issues and responding to any future needs.

Even today, after all this time, the only thing that we love doing with a passion is creating to excite. We do this by perfecting projects with a go-to approach that only an enthusiastic and dedicated interior design firm can offer. This enables us to always produce original settings and innovative spaces that entice, intrigue and enthuse.


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